Monday, 24 February 2014

LATE NEWS: "Don't Kiss the Messenger!"

The following Anecdote was printed in The Hibernian Chronicle for 12 November 1772:

                        In the summer of 1771, a certain Baronet sent his Lady
                        from town to his country seat; but being himself
                        detained by business, he was prevented for several days
                        from following her.  In the mean time, one of his most
                        intimate friends and dearest companions proposed to the
                        Knight to pay his Lady a visit in his absence, with a view
                        to divert her in her retirement till the arrival of her husband.
                        The Knight not only gave his proposals a friendly reception,
                        but gave him the following introductory bill, addressed to
                        his Lady: 

                                               “My dear,                May 29, 1771
                                    “Please to pay to the bearer, on sight, the full
                                    sum or number of three kisses---value received,
                                    and place to the account of,
                                                                        My dear, yours for ever.”

                                     The Lady, like an obedient wife, honoured the bill on
                        demand; but the friend unluckily continued to draw such
                        large sums of the same commodity upon credit, that the whole
                        bank of love was at length exhausted, and the Knight, on his
                        arrival at home, found her to be a bankrupt.  In a word, the
                        affair was discovered, and a divorce was sued for and
                        obtained (Flynn, Vol IV, No 92, pg 726).

Messenger & Lady @ SCRATCH
"Come now, Lady Crawley!  Though it's true the account has been settled, you would be remiss to ignore a rising interest!"

Flynn, William.  “Anecdote.”  The Hibernian Chronicle 12 November 1772. Print.

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